How to build a simple, 2-min skincare routine.

How to build a simple, 2-min skincare routine.

In our fast-paced lives, it's essential to take a moment to pause and take care of your body and mind. One of the easiest ways to get started on your self-care journey is to establish a consistent routine. Something as simple as an AM / PM skincare routine can go a long ways in helping you take a pause in life and focus on yourself.

We'll guide you through Kizo Lab's take on the 4-step skincare routine, which combines pure botanicals with potent and proprietary molecules.

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Step 1: Cleanse

Moisture Renewal Cleanser + Shave

Experience this hydrating, cream cleanser that works double-duty as a shave cream, expertly engineered to reduce irritation while conditioning skin and hair follicles for a smoother shaving experience.

+ Cream-based formula with natural botanicals and hydrating electrolytes sweeps away excess oil and surface dirt while keeping skin's natural moisture levels intact.

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Step 2: Hydrate

Liquid Hydration Moisturizer + Serum

Achieve smoother, firmer skin with this light-weight, dual-purpose moisturizing serum formulated with proprietary peptides and soothing botanical extracts.

+ The merger of moisturizer and serum helps restore skin's natural moisture levels, while potent anti-aging actives smooth roughness and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

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Step 3: Treat

Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream

Wake up tired-looking eyes with this multi-tasking team of skin-firming peptides, natural hydrators, and soothing botanicals.

+ Powerful synergy of 3E Electrolyte Complex and natural botanicals smooths, de-puffs, and helps fade dark circles, while helping protect fragile eye areas from effects of environmental stressors — including HEV light emitted from electronic devices.

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Step 4: Protect

UV-Defense Clear Sunscreen

As comfortable as your favorite shirt, this lightweight, quick-drying gel sunscreen guards skin from UVA rays that cause aging and UVB rays that cause sunburns, without weighing you down.

+ UV-fighting peptides and skin-fortifying vitamins combine to provide all-day protection from both UV rays and oxidative damage from free radicals in the environment.

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