"To provide professional, streamlined solutions to common skin + hair concerns — our formulations are tailored to men's skin but can be used by all."

Ingredients + Formulations

We formulate and manufacture all products in our Los Angeles-based facility. Our FDA-approved lab allows us to oversee the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that our formulations meet the highest standards at all times.

  • 01 Pure

    Every ingredient is tested for purity, quality, and efficacy, ensuring the integrity + authenticity of our entire product line.

  • 02 Potent

    Our formulations contain a balance of lab-synthesized peptides + soothing botanicals to provide potent, clinical-strength results — without the irritation.

  • 03 Proprietary

    Our passion + dedication to innovation has inspired the creation of proprietary molecules that serve as the basis of every Kizo Lab product and all future products to come.

Meet our advisory board

Our advisors play a crucial role throughout the product development process, providing our team with the necessary guidance to consistently deliver products of the highest quality and efficacy.

  • Young-Wook Won, Ph. D.


    With a strong background in biomedical engineering and drug delivery systems, Dr. Won plays a crucial role in the development of our skincare products, specializing in more efficient ingredient delivery methods and peptide formulations.

    After completing his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Hanyang University, Dr. Won joined the University of Arizona College of Medicine as an Assistant Professor. His expertise and dedication to research contribute significantly to our mission of providing high-quality, effective skincare solutions for men.

  • David A. Bull, M.D.


    As a renowned expert in wound healing and tissue repair, Dr. Bull brings invaluable experience and knowledge to our brand, ensuring the development of effective and innovative products tailored for men.

    Dr. Bull earned his medical degree from the University of Utah School of Medicine and has since built a distinguished career in the field of surgery. Currently, he serves as a Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona College of Medicine as well as Director of the Heart and Vascular Service Line at Baystate Health.

  • Janel Luu


    With her long-standing passion to create the best, most effective skincare products available in the market, Janel has dedicated countless hours to ensure our formulations meet the highest standards in quality and efficacy. Janel currently serves as CEO, Founder, and Formulator of Le Mieux Cosmetics.

    Founded in 2004, Le Mieux has specialized in regenerative formulas and post-procedure, anti-inflammatory solutions engineered using a wide range of high-tech, skin-preserving ingredients.

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