How to Use: Complete Set

01. Moisture Renewal Cleanser + Shave

Apply Moisture Renewal Cleanser + Shave onto damp skin and work into a lather to cleanse skin of dirt and impurities. Be sure to rinse off product thoroughly with warm water. Use both AM + PM

02. Liquid Hydration Moisturizer + Serum

Apply Liquid Hydration Moisturizer + Serum to dry, cleansed skin around face and neck area both AM + PM.

03. Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream

Use fingertip to apply Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream to skin around eye areas both AM + PM.

04. UV Defense Clear Sunscreen

Apply UV-Defense Clear Sunscreen SPF 50+ 15 minutes before sun exposure. Rub in well. Apply every AM or just before you leave the house for the day. Reapply throughout day as needed or if skin comes into direct contact with water or sweat.