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Hydration Duo

Hydration Duo


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How To

Q. How often should I use Hydration Duo?

We recommend daily use, both AM and PM. Liquid Hydration Moisturizer + Serum can be reapplied throughout day as needed.

+ Pair with Protection Duo (SPF + eye cream set) to complete your routine and get the most out of our formulations.

Q. Which product do I apply first?

01. Apply Moisture Renewal Cleanser + Shave on damp face and neck. Work into a lather to cleanse skin both AM and PM.

02. Apply Liquid Hydration Moisturizer + Serum to dry, cleansed skin on face and neck both AM and PM. Follow up with eye cream and sunscreen to complete your routine.

Q. How do I use Moisture Renewal Cleanser + Shave as a shaving cream alternative?

Generously apply directly to dry skin and shave as you normally do for best results. Rinse-off excess product when finished and pat dry.

*For thicker beards, we recommend using a dedicated shaving cream.


Q. Is Hydration Duo a vegan formulation?

Hydration Duo contains trehalose and glycine and cholesterol, which may originate from animal-derived sources.

*We are working to confirm the sources of these ingredients before we make this claim.

Q. What do you mean when you say, "formulated for men's skin?"

While Kizo Lab has engineered a product line tailored to address hair and skin concerns commonly experienced by men, the formulation of our products utilize ingredients that have been proven to be effective and safe for all skin types and genders.


Q. When will my order be shipped?

All orders are normally shipped out within 1-3 business days after the initial purchase date. Once shipped, you will receive tracking information and estimated date of delivery.

Q. Do you ship outside of the US?

We currently do not offer international shipping outside the US, though it is a goal of ours to expand to the international market in the near future.

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